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Meet the Team

“I’m not just an attorney… I’m a counselor, a sounding board, and advocate. My job is to make my clients’ lives easier, to give them one less thing to worry about at the end of the day.”

- Avery E. Smith

What's Happening at KingSpry?

Greyfriars Institute

KingSpry’s own conference center offers regular seminars and workshops designed to promote learning and professional development among our clients and associates.

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The Law for Student Assistance Teams: Protecting Students and Students' Rights

Practical information for all SAP team members, Directors of Special Education, Section 504 Coordinators, and building and District-level administrators.

The Trouble with Tweeting: Social Media Use and the Right To Know Law

This lunch & learn workshop is free of charge, but RSVP required.

Issues Facing Schools With Transgender Students

This lunch & learn workshop examines what schools need to know about transgender students. Free of charge.