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“Law impacts all facets of life, therefore it is the perfect channel for me to connect and give back to my home town.”

- Karley Biggs Sebia

What's Happening at KingSpry?


Greyfriars Institute

KingSpry’s own conference center offers regular seminars and workshops designed to promote learning and professional development among our clients and associates.

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Working Together for a Healthy School: MORE School Law for School Nurses

This all-day session at our Greyfriars Institute conference center examines legal issues for school nurses.

Where Do I Begin?

This informal session will offer tips on the legalities and practicalities of getting your affairs in order. Free of charge.

Taking the Mystery (and the Politics) Out of the Affordable Care Act, Part Two: Updates and FAQs

This lunch & learn workshop examines the implications of the Affordable Care Act for schools. Free of charge.