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“After 40 years as an attorney, I always appreciate when a client tells me that I did a good job for him or her, and that I am not like ‘most lawyers’.”

- Domenic P. Sbrocchi

What's Happening at KingSpry?


Greyfriars Institute

KingSpry’s own conference center offers regular seminars and workshops designed to promote learning and professional development among our clients and associates.

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Early Bird Employment Hour: Demystifying the Affordable Care Act

This Early Bird Employment Hour examines what private employers need to know about the Affordable Care Act, with a focus on how employers can control costs while ensuring compliance.

New Frontiers: The Latest Legal Trends in School Technology

This all-day session at our Greyfriars Institute conference center explores legal trends regarding technology in the school, including bring your own device policies, acceptable use policies, off-campus activity, monitoring and privacy.

Roll Call: School Law Basics for Residency, Registration and Truancy

This all-day session at our Greyfriars Institute conference center examines issues of registration, residency and truancy for school leaders.