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“After practicing law for decades, and no matter how automated life becomes, it is still about listening to the client and providing responsive personal service.”

- Jerome B. Frank

What's Happening at KingSpry?


Greyfriars Institute

KingSpry’s own conference center offers regular seminars and workshops designed to promote learning and professional development among our clients and associates.

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FLSA Buffet: Common Questions About the Fair Labor Standards Act

This lunch & learn workshop explores some of the practical questions that arise regarding the FSLA. Free of charge.

Nothing To Sneeze At: What Your School Should Know About Student Allergies

This lunch & learn workshop explores what schools need to know about student allergies. Free of charge.

An Art and A Science: IEP Writing Workshop

This all-day session at our Greyfriars Institute conference center gives special education personnel the opportunity to learn hands-on how to write more effective, legally-defensible IEPs.